About Us

MMNP was founded in 2011 and the first class graduated in Wiscasset in 2012. The program was begun around a kitchen table by Fred Cichocki, Cloe Chunn, Susan Hayward, and Dorcas Miller. The YouTube video below explores the founders’ vision five years into the program.

MMNP Vision

MMNP envisions a statewide network of Master Naturalists who educate and inspire the public to understand, value, and protect Maine’s natural world.

MMNP Mission

MMNP’s mission is to train volunteer naturalists who will enrich nature education in Maine.

Board members

MMNP is an all-volunteer program. With no paid staff, the board of directors runs the day-to-day operations of the program and does the long-term planning.

Cheryl Ring

Augusta 2015 - President

Clare Cole

Holden 2014

Sharon Gallant

Wiscasset 2012 - Treasurer

Leigh Hayes

Lewiston 2013

Karen Johnson

Fields Pond 2017

Beth Longcope

Falmouth 2014 - Secretary

Jeff Pengel

Lewiston 2013

Michael Boardman

Yarmouth 2019

Gordon Collins

Falmouth 2014

Bryce Hach

Augusta 2015

Karen Herold

Augusta 2015

Andrea Lani

Augusta 2015 - Newsletter Editor

Susan MacKenzie

Fields Pond 2014

Emilie Swenson

Falmouth 2018