For Graduates

Course graduates join the ranks of over two hundred other Maine Master Naturalists who share a love of natural history and a desire to impart that information with the world. Below are some of the benefits of becoming a Maine Master Naturalist.

Grads – to log into the graduates-only site, click the logo. You will find graduates-only resources and the online form for reporting volunteering hours


The mission of the Maine Master Naturalist Program is to train volunteer naturalists who will enrich nature education in Maine. By going to schools, nature centers, land trusts, and other organizations to teach and lead walks and programs, Master Naturalists get the opportunity to reinforce their knowledge and meet other people who are excited about the natural world.

Continuing education

Periodically through the year, MMNP offers workshops, seminars and forays exclusively for graduates on a range of topics. Past continuing ed events have studied seaweed, fungi, bryophytes, bogs, the night sky, butterflies, the alpine zone, fish, remote camera photography, and many more.

Online forum

Graduates can participate in online forums for sharing natural history information and photos, asking questions, posting events, soliciting help, and connecting with fellow naturalists.


Graduates receive MMNP’s email newsletter, The Plethodon Log.

Fall gatherings and conferences

Each fall MMNP graduates get together to network, share ideas and opportunities, and learn more about the natural world. In most years there is an informal gathering, but periodically MMNP holds a formal conference with speakers and workshops.