Washington County Course Information

Applications are no longer being accepted for the Washington County course.


The course location is Washington County Community College in Calais. Recently WCCC has had to close the campus due to the coronavirus epidemic. As a result, the initial classes will all be on Zoom rather than in-person. If the COVID situation improves and WCCC opens the campus to MMNP, the course may resume in-person instruction.

Becoming a Maine Master Naturalist is a time-consuming yet fulfilling venture. Graduates join the MMNP “nexus of naturalists” with opportunities to engage the public in natural history, connect with other graduates, and continue learning about Maine’s natural environment.

Please, read and reread the information on the Course Description page. This program is a significant investment in time and energy. In addition to attending every class, students must also devote time outside the classroom to collecting, observing, and nature-journaling. MMNP urges those who apply to think ahead about balancing their job and life commitments against the rigorous course schedule. Potential applicants already concerned about the time commitment are not good candidates for our program. Every year, students drop out because of underestimating the amount of time the program requires. Once the course is underway, it is too late to offer the drop-out spot to another applicant. 

Access to a computer with a strong internet connection and printing options is crucial.  Zoom classes, course materials, and online assessments require consistent online capability.  Some course materials require printing. A home-based computer with the internet is the most convenient, but having access to local libraries and other public institutions is an option.  

Course Dates

Applicants must be able to attend all classes including snow days. Absences are not allowed however, course coordinators handle unanticipated emergencies on a case-by-case basis. Wednesday classes are 5:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.  Saturday classes are 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.,

Admissions Criteria

MMNP seeks students with the following characteristics:

  • Basic knowledge of and ongoing curiosity about the natural world.
  • Time available to fulfill course requirements.
  • Demonstrated history of volunteering in the community.
  • A strong interest in learning more about Maine’s natural world and enthusiasm for sharing this knowledge with others.
  • A clear goal for what you want to get out of MMNP training and what you want to give back to your community in terms of volunteering.

Course Fee

The course fee for Washington County will be $400.
Limited monies are available for those needing tuition reduction assistance. Apply through the regular course application form.


Special thanks to Davis Conservation Foundation and John Sage Foundation. Their generous grants make the program possible.

COVID protocols

  • Before starting the course, all enrolling students must show proof of full vaccination including applicable boosters.
  • When indoors, everyone must wear masks.
  • Hand sanitizer and alcohol wipes will be available in the classroom and on field trips.
  • All students and staff will abide by the COVID rules set by Washington County Community College.

Please note: The pandemic situation is fluid. There is always the possibility that circumstances will prevent the course from starting or will force the course to shut down temporarily at some point during the year. Course personnel will do all they can to adjust to evolving conditions and to keep the course running safely and in compliance with Maine CDC guidelines. MMNP counts on everyone to be flexible and understanding!