For Graduates

Welcome! When you complete your Maine Master Naturalist training, you join the ranks of almost 200 other Master Naturalists who share your love of natural history and desire to share that information with the world. We hope the information below will be helpful as you continue your journey as a Maine Master Naturalist volunteer.

Volunteer hours

The purpose of the Maine Master Naturalist Program is to train a network of volunteers who will go out and share their knowledge of the natural world with others. As part of the MMNP course, you are required to complete 40 hours of volunteer teaching within one year of graduating, logging the hours and submitting them to the board. After the initial year, we ask that you continue your volunteer efforts and complete 20 hours of volunteer teaching every year. These guidelines detail the kind of volunteering that fulfills the requirement.

Continuing education

MMNP offers events exclusively for graduates on a range of topics. We will post events on this page as they are scheduled. If you would like to lead a workshop or a walk, let us know.

Google group

The MMNP Google group is an online forum for sharing natural history related photos, questions, books, etc. Graduating students are added to the MMNP Google Group. If you are a past graduate who would like to be added to the group, please contact us.

Monthly newsletter

Google group members receive our monthly emailed newsletter, The Plethodon Log.     

Fall gatherings and conferences

Every fall MMNP graduates get together to network, share ideas and opportunities, and learn more about the natural world. Some years we have a informal get together, and some years we hold a formal conference with speakers and workshops. Our next gathering will be on November 9 at Viles Arboretum in Augusta from 10 to 2. When the date approaches, we’ll share details through a message to the Google group for graduates.

Naturalist network

Graduates are part of a network of other naturalists. The MMNP is encouraging the formation of regional groups to connect others in your vicinity for bird walks, botanizing, identification sessions, and any natural history related activities. These are informally set up by fellow graduates. Feel free to initiate a gathering yourself. You can easily get the word out through our Google Group.


The Maine Master Naturalist Facebook page includes information and news about the organization as well as posts about interesting topics in natural history and relevant events from around the state.

Maine Master Naturalist Volunteers is a closed Facebook group where MMNP graduates can share information and photos, ask questions, post events, solicit help, organize outings, and hobnob with fellow naturalists. Go to the page, click “join,” and answer the question to be added to the group.

Contacting MMNP

To ask questions, offer suggestions, or reach the MMNP board for any reason, please email us through the “contact us” page on this website.

We hope you take full advantage of and engage in all these opportunities to stay connected to the natural world and MMNP. Board Member Susan MacKenzie’s keynote address, “The Nature of Maine Gives Life Meaning” is a great source of inspiration and can be found here.