Application for 2020 Waterville class

Please read through the MMNP Course Overview , the FAQ Page and the Waterville class dates before answering these questions. The application deadline is Oct. 31. We will email application decisions by Nov. 25. If after applying you realize that you could not take the course after all, please let us know through the "Contact Us" page. We can accept only a limited number of students, and offering you admission will preclude someone else from being accepted. Please be apprised that it is likely we will not be able to accept all applicants for the Waterville course. We are sorry for any disappointment, but in order to ensure and maintain the quality of the course, we are able to accept only 20-24 students. Thank you!
  • If you wonder whether you have the time to take the course and fulfill the requirements, please give careful consideration to the significant commitment involved. In addition to attending every class, you must be able to devote time outside of class studying curricula, collecting and observing in the field, and preparing specimens. On average, students spend about 30 hours per month on the class, or about seven hours per week. If you worry that you do not have this amount of time available, we respectfully ask you not to apply to the program. The reason is that every year several students drop out during the course because they don’t have enough time to do the work. We regret when this happens because we have more applicants than we can accept, and once the program is underway it is too late to offer that spot to another deserving applicant. Please check the FAQ Page of the website to see comments about the time commitment from former students.
  • (Note: your mentor will help you find organizations you might want to partner with for fulfilling your capstone and for volunteering after the course.)
  • Indicate your level of knowledge in these areas to help us build a class of learners with a wide range of prior knowledge and experience.

    1 - Very little or no knowledge
    2 - Some knowledge or experience
    3 - Confident amateur knowledge or experience
    4 - Could teach it to someone else
    5 - Professional level knowledge
  • Maine Flora

  • Maine Fauna

  • Other Topics