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Maine Master Naturalist Application, 2014-15

Application period opens February 1. Send applications electronically or postmarked by March 15 to:

Anna Hunt, , 485 Chewonki Rd, Wiscasset ME 04578.

Applicants will be notified by April 2.

Print clearly; check that your email address is correct.

Name ______________________________________________________________________

Street Address or PO Box ____________________Town _____________________________

State _______  ZIP ___________________Email __________________________________

Phone (H) __________________  (W) ____________________  (Cell) _________________

Please read and consider carefully before you answer:

___Can you attend all the classes and field trips listed in the syllabus?

___Can you commit to 40 hours of community volunteer service during the year following the course?

If you are working now, what do you do? If you are retired, what did you do previously?



What is your avocation(s)?


Have you had training in the natural sciences, at or after college? Please describe.


Tell us where you have volunteered in the past five years and what you have done there.



If you have taught natural history or environmental education at either the volunteer or paid level (other than as listed above), please tell us when and where.



Where might you volunteer after the course? ________________________________________

Please specify if you would need reasonable accommodation for any of these activities, all of which are part of the course: using a hand lens and (perhaps) a microscope for identifying plants;

field identification of animals by sound and sight, with and without binoculars; walking along rocks to see geologic features; snowshoeing to follow animal tracks; wading in a pond or wetland.

Please rate your knowledge or experience in each category.

1 - Have very little or no knowledge

2 - Have some knowledge or experience

3 - Have knowledge/experience of a confident amateur

4 - Could teach it to someone else

5 - Can teach or have taught professionally

Maine flora

___Tree identification

___Tree identification in winter

___Identification of non-woody plants (herbs) and shrubs

___Familiarity with Newcomb’s Wildflower Guide

___Fern identification

___Lichen identification

Maine fauna


___Mammal tracks

___Bird identification

___Bird vocalizations




Ecological systems

___Ecological principles


___Vernal pools

___Red Oak – Northern Hardwoods Community

Other topics

___Keeping a Nature Journal

___Surficial and bedrock geology of Maine

___Teaching skills and methods

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